About Us

HowToLowerCholesterol.org website has been created with the specific aim of providing users with easy-to-understand in-depth articles about the world of cholesterol.

The articles on this website, written by the HowToLowerCholesterol.org editorial staff with the collaboration of cardiologists, dietitian and personal trainers have the common purpose of allowing anyone who does not have a medical background to understand the following topics:

  • what is cholesterol and how to prevent/solve it;
  • what type of food can help to reduce cholesterol levels;
  • what physical exercises can help decrease blood fat levels;
  • what type of supplements, medications and herbal are available on the market to lower the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Even if in the drafting of each article the editorial team of HowToLowerCholesterol.org tried to make use of the best experts in the relevant sectors and has done everything possible in order to provide correct and true information, the articles themselves and the information they contain have informational purposes only

In no case HowToLowerCholesterol.org articles should be considered as a treatment prescription, replace the specialist examination or the direct relationship with one’s own doctor, specialists and / or dietitian as well as certified personal traineres.